Our dogs enjoy their time both at Wolffdene and at Coominya 'Farm'. The beautiful Wolffdene valley is situated half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and there the dogs enjoy 24/7 close interaction with us on a daily basis. The Wolffdene property is just over 10 acres of well maintained paddocks great for running the dogs. The kennel block is adjacent to the house and the dogs enjoy protection from the elements under a huge four meter high patio which runs the full length of the house. (Wolffdene front paddock right)
Out at Coominya 'Farm' the dogs are also supervised 24 hours a day and enjoy plenty of freedom in large day yards. Exercise tracks have been set up for daily walks both on and off lead. The dogs enjoy play time both with Sharon and Sarah. Even Mum and Dad enjoy taking the pups for their walks down to the dam. Right is one of the yards.

(photo left) Coominya back paddock where walking tracks have been set up for the dogs. This property is also approximately 10 acres and is under development. Photo below is the another new day yard. Here at Kantenna Kennels we are committed to providing the dogs with as good a lifestyle as possible. Their welfare comes first.


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Sharon & Diane Ballantyne
Coominya & Brisbane/Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0408 702766 or 0411 433739
Email : [email protected]